Comparison to Traditional Education

Montessori Education Traditional Education
Child reinforces own learning by repetition of work and internal feelings of success. Learning is reinforced externally by repetition and rewards.
Directress(or) has an unobtrusive role in the classroom. Teacher is center of classroom as a “controller”.
Child sets own learning pace. Instruction pace usually set by group norm.
Child discovers own concepts from self-teaching materials. Child is guided to concepts by teacher.
Mixed age groupings encourages children to teach and help others. Most teaching done by teacher.
Child spots own errors from feedback of material. If work is corrected, errors usually pointed out by teacher.
Child can choose work where he wishes, move around and talk at will (yet not disturb the work of others) – group work is voluntary. Child usually assigned one chair and desk. They are encouraged to participate, sit still and listen during group sessions.
Mainly individual instruction. Group and individual instruction.

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